Friday, March 23, 2007

Beyond Mamadom: Thriving as a Woman

This blog is dedicated to every Mama who has ever wondered where the person she was before Mama-hood went. For Mamas who love their babies more than anything in the world, but would love to strap on their dancing shoes every once in a while. Or their writing shoes, or their hanging-out-with-buddies-and-without-kids shoes, or their husband-loving-me-and-I-don't-mean-as-a-Mom shoes.

I can't say we all have those moments, but I suspect we all do. This blog is about the adventure of motherhood and about having adventures while being a mother, with kids and without. In other words, it's about living, truly living - whatever that means to you - through your time of Mama-hood. For me, now that Littlest is 16 months and Biggest is almost three, it means re-igniting my writing career, trying to blow-dry my hair at least a few times a week, working on loving my body now and as I want it to be 15 pounds from now, and just generally jumping back into the world a little more, and with a little more verve.

As I go through this journey, I know others are on similar paths, and I hope you will add your comments, thoughts, tips, and experiences. By sharing ideas, inspiration, information, conversation, events and stories about being a truly awake, happening, active and self-loving Mama, I hope this blog will help all us Mamas feel alive!

More soon,

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